so i was watching the new Ace Of Cakes tonight on food network. 1 of the cakes duff and his staff did was for the show 30 Rock. its a mascot for a non-existent food called a cheesy blaster! duff decided to surprise the cast and crew of 30rock with cheesy blasters! SO HE MADE THEM (and what a yummy idea they are)!! i never watched the show 30 rock. and if ace of cakes didn’t make the blasters i wouldn’t even know about this yummy goodness!

* the 2 photos are from the two websites i found other recipes for it*

basically its a hotdog stuffed with cheese and rolled in a pizza! not brain science, but definitely delicious! or it sounds that way! duff made a dough for the pizza. after he let it rest, he started making the pizza with sauce, different cheeses, and pepperoni!

split the middle of the dogs and add cheese.

cut a piece of UNBAKED dough and wrap around the dog.

bake it. no time or temp was said but i cooked enough to figure out its the time and temp to cook dough which isn’t long. u figure 350 or 400 for like 10 min. or like i said whatever it is for dough if ur using a packaged dough.

he added melted cheese on top when done! alot of it!
*he did add hot sauce to melted cheese*

yes this isn’t for when ur watching ur weight lol. but things are fine in moderation so live a lil!

i found 2 links that have recipes also. this ones from the frozen pizza.

and #mce_temp_url# this one thats the 1st picture on this blog. it uses thin crust refrigerated pizza dough. (no cheese on top…booo lol) sorry i didn’t mean that, im just a cheese lover!

i cant wait to make these! but it’ll be awhile we dont go shopping til next month. i cant wait til i get my car and a job!!! but thats another blog 🙂

u couldn’t tell that i have a bad diet by looking at me, but i do! these sound so amazing!

of course i can make my own dough, but i haven’t in a long while! although i do make my own flour tortillas! that’ll be for another blog 😉

id try different cheese combos, maybe even crescent dough! who knows!

happy eating 🙂



  1. Lizeth Said:

    Omg that’s crazy but true .i saw the same show and wen i saw duff making thoes cheese blasters i just though it looks good .even do i never heard of it so i just couldnt wait for next day to go buy the things i need to make them raight know i was cheking any website just to make sure i got the right things.and it hapend for me to got in ur page .I Love cheese

    • anns917 Said:

      thank u for replying to my blog! i love cheese too! i haven’t made these as of yet, but i will!

  2. Shana Said:

    I want to make these. haha. I never heard of 30 rock until i saw it on that Ace of Cakes episode!

    • anns917 Said:

      thank u for replying to my blog! i wanna make these too 🙂 i haven’t as of yet, but i will !

  3. Leslie Said:

    A new take on pigs in a blanket.

  4. animallover Said:

    i saw the show to and i cant wait to make them also

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