The Pentagon Channel: The Grill Sergeant’s Cooking Show

i just finished watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay. this episode was about BBQ Chicken, but the chicken isn’t what im blogging about! its about the chef bobby challenged… Sergeant Brad Turner and his show. he’s in the US Army and cooks at the Pentagon!

this guy is fun & cool to watch! when i heard he had a cooking show of his own i had to find it! and i did 😀 So thats what im sharing here!

to go straight to pentagon channel’s grill sergeant shows click here: The Grill Sergeant’s

its something different that i wanted to share!
there’s 3 seasons that you can check out! fun recipes to save too i might add!

season 1 has 14 episodes! Recipes for: pies, soul food, family faves, sandwiches, desserts, comfort food, chicken, turkey, soups, greens!

Season 2 also has 14 episodes! Recipes for: fish, pies, high fiber meals, admirals faves, fruit, eggs, gumbo, beans, and more! even an ep called SOS (shit on a shingle) army vs. navy. where they show the different way the army and navy makes sos. which is pretty much sloppy joes but kicked up.

season 3 has 8 episodes. and is all international recipes. german, italian, mexican, korean, spanish, Hawaiian-Asian, indian, turkish-greek.

here’s the show times for this show: Debuts every Monday at 1200 ET.
Encores: Tuesday at 1000 | Wednesday at 1400 & 2200 | Thursday at 0300 & 0930 | Friday at 1200 | Saturday at 0130, 0600 & 1830 | Sunday at 0400, 0830, 1230 & 1730 | Monday at 0830

love those military times 🙂 but 4 ppl like me who arent familiar with military times. i figured out by watching their live feed change on the hour just now.
military time starts at 0000 which is midnight and u just add hrs to it. 1200 is noon. 1400=2pm, 2100=9pm ya know…..

for any1 who wants the pentagon channel’s program schedule click here:
Pentagon Channel Program Schedule

Oh let me point out that the recipes on there are not huge recipe proportions that feed the army! they’re in proportion to us non-military folks lol. so they are very user friendly! so check out brad turner on there! he’s fun to watch! i say he should be on the food network 🙂 but i know he works for a more important company 😀

i also found another site. the site is called military chefs. they have military food service videos in their archive. for anyone interested heres the link:
Military Chef Archive

thanks 4 reading my blog! i love to share fun, interesting stuff! even something different! and i think i achieved that here! im interested in how all chef cook! we dont see much military chefs! and thats a shame!


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